Wealth and Responsibility

Humans are an incredibly social species in comparison to the rest of biology. The primary function of most animals appears to be to survive as best as they can and produce fertile offspring. For most animals, this really consumes most of their time; they rarely get a chance to sit down with a few friends with a couple of bottles of wine and chat through the night… and even when they have the time, they seem to have something better to do! The fact is, no other animal feels the need to form and maintain relationships with others in the same way we do. If you have a pet, I’m afraid they only love you because they think they need you to survive as best as they can; it’s what you’ve taught them. But for most people, relationships are important to us regardless of whether they pose us an advantage – we love our parents, for example, until the day they die and beyond, despite any mental deterioration and financial dependence that may arise in their old age.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we would be kidding ourselves to say that we wouldn’t break the law to save the life of someone we love, that we wouldn’t take the blame for a horrific crime to see someone we had loved and lost once more. Human relationships are the most important things to all of us. It doesn’t matter how much money we have, how much power we attain, how much sex we’re having – if nobody loves us, we don’t care. The saddest thing is, we all know this so well but are tricked into neglecting these relationships for something that appears to be a personal gain.

One of the most common deceptions that people fall into is that more money and more responsibilities at work will lead to greater satisfaction in all areas of life; after all, you’ll have more money to spend on things you want. This can even feel as though you’re prioritising relationship over your career, as the money will be used on developing relationships with people around you. What people forget in this situation is that you don’t need any money at all to have great relationships in your life. In fact, people in the worst situations often have a better hold on their priorities and have some of the closest relationships. I struggle to fathom how people seem to assume that families without money must have a worse family life than families who are incredibly wealthy. Extravagance is so often unnecessary, you can get a deck of playing cards for under £1 and from that you can have hours of fun and conversation. What’s more, holidays (vacations) can be had in your own country and be just as fulfilling.

The real problem with this belief is that it can lead people into taking on more work than they would choose, leaving less time for them to be with their family. A very small amount of money is enough to live on, possibly much smaller than you imagine but people can get so hooked on this idea that they will even move into another county, or even country, to earn more and more money, which can be a truly traumatic experience for young children that will stay with them for life. In the end, what seemed like such a good idea, leads you into a reduced family life that’s slightly less aware of the real world than if you had never prioritised in such a manner. Trust me, when it comes to relationships, time is far more important than money.

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