I decided to write this blog because I believe that a life without religion is depressing and unfulfilling. I write, not to convince you or to win you over, but to present a point of view that you may not have previously considered. I simply aim to aid you in forming your own views and opinions because I believe that life is something worth contemplating to the full. So I encourage you to give this a read regardless of your current religion or viewpoint.

To give you some idea of my background, I am a British male living in South-East England. Before I came to religion I was a nihilist. Nihilism is a subsection of atheism believing that, not only is there no world beyond the natural world as we see it, but that after death your consciousness ceases to exist and your being becomes extinct – you cease to exist. Many people hold this view without recognising its implications and I intend to explore this in greater detail on this blog.

A couple of years ago, I became a Christian. I am not going to lie and say that these blogs will be completely objective because I don’t believe that is possible. This blog’s primary objective is to convince people of the validity of religion but, of course, as a Christian I would love for followers of this blog to come to Christianity over other religions. Although, please be put at ease, because I am not going to be blogging about Christianity as a focus.

I welcome criticism and counter-arguments to my page. I hope you understand that I, being human, have not fully formulated my opinion on life, the universe and everything and can be both incorrect and convinced of other views. This, to me, is the only way to live my life – with an open mind.

I hope that you decide to follow me as I explore some simply mind-blowing and thought-provoking topics to encourage a naturally philosophical mind.

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  1. I have had the reverse journey of yours. I have found life without religion breathtaking, and for the first time…honestly peaceful. Not trying to fit things that didn’t fit….or avoid thinking about certain things….

    • Hi Holly, I’m glad you took the time to read this post. Hopefully, if you continue to follow my posts you’ll see that religion can be a thing of beauty, and that you needn’t know all of the answers to have a faith. Religion helps contextualise morals and gives purpose. There’s so much I’d love to talk to you about that shouldn’t be left to a single comment so please do follow along.

      • I certainly will continue to follow the posts. And look forward to your thoughts and further conversation. 🙂 I have slowly come to the thought that we can contextualize morals with or without religion. Religion seems to give us the ability to warp moral constructs however when such things as “might makes it right” or…”things we cannot understand here and now even though they ‘seem’ evil to us” are employed.

  2. I’m with Holly, I have found happiness, peace and a refined morality when I abandoned my Christian faith.

    I’m sure sure that religion can be a thing of beauty, but quite frequently it is not, and I find my modern moral values are often in opposition to the moral teachings of religion. More importantly, I don’t believe religions–in particular the primary “mono-theistic” ones–are based on something that is likely to be true, so even though it can help with giving purpose, or with contextualising morals, it is a house built on sand (if you’ll excuse my analogy). And there are other options available.

    Good luck with your writings though, I’d be very happy to read.

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